International responsibilities

11 - Heads/managers with international HR responsibilities

The VPs/Heads/Chiefs or the people in equivalent positions work out international HR policies and programs. They also lead, develop and direct talent strategy and implement the mission of the organization. The managers with international HR responsibilities perform the following roles:-

Converging interests of partners:

They develop strong relationships, communication, and liaison with the international partners and companies regarding HR management to align them with the organizational policies.

Manage the cross-cultural HR practices:

They analyze, assess the gaps, and strategize to manage the cross-cultural HR practices and make a strategy to avoid any conflict while dealing with international clients and partners.


They adapt and manage different communication strategies and deploy various communication channels to deal with international HR management issues like hiring, training, retention, and performance evaluation.


They keep the international HR management process cost-effective for the organization and use the software, metadata, and online and other communication means and channels to decrease the costs. They also increase productivity and effectively evaluate performance.

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Clients we have worked with

We work with organisations and budgets of all sizes across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors globally. Our clients range from start ups and sole traders through to SMEs and global organisations such as: Google, Manpower, Mars, Trinity Mirror, Barclays, The Bank of England, IBIS and Hays.